I was born and raised in Orange County, NY where I received solid experience as a farmhand, stock boy, shoe salesman, camp counselor, and car salesman.
As a high school senior I didn’t understand the concept of paying to take a test so I never took my SATs. Luckily, I was able to attend my local community college without them. It was there that I began to take my studies in art seriously.
I then transferred to several art schools that I couldn't possibly afford. I decided to transfer to Purchase College, which I could afford and respected. There I received my BFA in visual arts with a concentration in graphic design.
After college I worked at various design studios that specialize in environmental graphic design. I then spent more than four years at Open under the helm of Scott Stowell. There I worked on projects ranging from identity design, broadcast design, illustration work, print design, and environmental graphic design.
After that I freelanced full-time for almost three years and worked on a variety of projects with clients including The New York TimesGood Magazine, and AOL.
Then I was the Assistant Art Director at Newsweek magazine for two years. This involved designing features, covers, front and back of book sections, commissioning illustration work, and developing the magazine for the iPad edition.
Following Newsweek I worked for Money magazine as a freelance art director where I contributed to front of book and feature sections for the print and tablet editions. I also created illustrations both for print and web. 
After Money, I joined Vocativ as Art Director. There, I implemented the identity package that was developed by Pentagram. This included introducing the new branding onto the site, video projects, data visualizations and information graphics, and social platforms. I also introduced illustration and raised the standards of photography for the site. This was accomplished by running an art department ranging in size between two to five people in close collaboration with the editorial team.
Then I moved onto to Barron’s magazine as an art director doing the usual magazine things; like designing front and back of book sections, covers, feature packages, illustrations, information graphics, commissioning art, and repackaging print issues for web and social.
I’m currently working at The New Republic as Art Director. I was brought on to implement the web design developed by Pentagram. There I design a lot of wireframes to add to and evolve various parts of the website, and commission illustrations.    
That’s about it so far. Thanks for reading.